Critical cover contracts

Low-cost Maintenance Agreements

Critical Cover is our, low-cost maintenance agreement designed to cover key bridge electronics.  It identifies equipment, which, if it fails, could lead to a Port State detention or a demerit from an oil major. Both can have serious effects on the ships’ itinerary.

Derived from our full maintenance contract, it gives support focussed on specific equipment. 

They include such equipment as radars, gyros or ECDIS at a fraction of the full maintenance cover.  Such low-cost contracts offer on-board labour and parts with few restrictions.  Total support for key equipment without the outlay associated with full contracts.

Our Maintenance Contract’s modular system gives you a choice. You can have just the radars covered for repair. Or you can add equipment such as the gyro if deemed critical to operations.  And we do also provide a menu right up to a full maintenance product if required.

Indicative annual pricing for Critical Cover: 

A radar product is around £2,000 for an X-band radar and £3,000 for an S-band radar. 

Final pricing varies on the type, age, and condition of the equipment.

In the example above, we have assumed that the radars are Furuno or JRC products. They should be less than 7-years-old with a documented regular maintenance programme. If they are outside that banding, then prices will vary.

The aim of Critical Cover is to fix the equipment fast, anywhere in the world with available facilities. 

It covers on-board labour and parts, subject to terms and conditions. 

This is a repair service, so consumables (e.g., magnetrons) are chargeable if they need replacing. 

Working example:

One-off payment of between £2,000 to £3,000 per radar or gyro, dependent on age and condition, to cover for 12 months globally. Prices include on-board labour and parts. 

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